About CD

City Diplomacy is a project that is born from my professional and academic experience with Chilean and Chinese Local Governments.

I am a Political Scientist from the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. I have got a master’s degree in public management, Renmin University of China, in the city of Beijing. My thesis is about the “International Management of the Biobío Region in China”. The Biobío Region is a province located in the center south of Chile.

I am currently working towards a PhD in International Relations at Central China Normal University in Wuhan City, China. My research project corresponds to the “Chinese cities developing relations with Latin America”.

My work experience has always been linked with Local Governments, getting involved in the areas of local social and economic development. Especially in terms of internationalization and cooperation agreements between cities and regions.

In addition, I am an Associate Researcher of the “Center for Latin American Studies on China” of the National University Andrés Bello (CELC-UNAB).