My opinion for China Radio International about Xi Jinping’s new year speech.



Ignacio Araya, a Chilean student studying for a doctor’s degree in international relations at Central China Normal University, listened to President Xi’s new year’s message in China with zero time difference. He thought President Xi’s message was very encouraging. As a foreigner studying and living in Wuhan for many years, Araya witnessed the green development of the core city of the Yangtze River economic belt. «The concept of development (of the Yangtze River Economic Belt) is very interesting. Its development is based on the environment,» said Ignacio Araya. I’m from Concepcion, Chile. It’s a city built by the river. From this point of view, it’s very similar to Wuhan. The economic development of the city is closely related to the environment. Especially when the world is facing the challenge of climate change, the Yangtze River Economic Belt envisages (plans) the development of cities and regions from the perspective of environmental protection and green»

You can visit the link here.

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